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We’re Pressure Washing Chicago and have been for over 25 years.

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building-power-washingWe are not the largest company pressure washing Chicago, but size isn’t everything. We have a higher quality than some of the big companies and can offer so much more than the smaller guys.

We believe that we are a great fit for you and your pressure washing needs.

Pressure Washing Chicago is large enough for building power washing, parking garage cleaning and commercial concrete cleaning and small enough for the homeowner looking for the best power washing company to clean his or her home.

We use steam power cleaners and state of the art equipment, enabling us to reach areas other can’t and get into every nook and cranny that others wont.

We are the company that has the knowledge to complete any job, the experience to get it done right the first time and is efficient to keep it all in budget.

We offer commercial, industrial and residential pressure washing solutions. We understand that we are working for you and aim to please the first time around.

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Commercial Pressure Washing Chicago

Commercial Pressure Washing

We offer commercial pressure washing services in Chicago which include pressure washing of awnings, buildings, concrete, docks, parking garages, storefronts and more.

Industrial Pressure Washing Chicago

Industrial Pressure Washing

We offer Industrial Pressure Washing Services in Chicago which includes pressure washing of coolers, warehouses, industrial equipment, truck docks, and more.

Residential Pressure Washing

We offer residential pressure washing services which include exterior house pressure washing, garage floors, patios, pool decks, deck & fences staining & more.

Below are videos of some of our most popular pressure washing services. For more services check out the service menu tab above in the main menu.

Awning Pressure Washing

Brick Pressure Washing

Building Pressure Washing

Chewing Gum Removal

Concrete Cleaning

Deck Pressure Washing

Graffiti Removal

House Pressure Washing

Pool Deck Pressure Washing

Stadium Pressure Washing

Stone Pressure Washing

Storefront Pressure Washing